About Von Dutch

Kenny Howard aka Von Dutch, was an American legend and considered the “godfather of modern-day pinstriping” – customizing cars, motorcycles, and apparel with his signature art, style, and graphics. Today, his eponymous clothing brand continues his legacy and is currently worn by the biggest in music and Hollywood. 

The Von Dutch Trucker

Von Dutch largely created the fashion accessory we all call the trucker hat.  Made famous by top celebrities during the 2000’s era, Von Dutch is back and more popular than ever. Just ask us!

What makes the Von Dutch Trucker unique?

First and foremost all Von Dutch gear is stamped with a trackable Hologram sticker – so never remove it under any circumstances. The Von Dutch trucker is built with custom hardware featuring the prominent Von Dutch “Flying Eyeball”.  

Our high top-line crown is the Von Dutch signature shape along with the curved bill (remember to fold it like a hot slice of pizza). The oil can logo design is considered our numero uno graphic. Always wear the trucker with pride and a smile.