Statement of Equality

As a leader in the fashion community, we take seriously our responsibility to advocate for human dignity and equality. Our team at Von Dutch stands with the movement to make change and to bring balance in racial justice across the United States and around the world. We must remain unwavering in our responsibility to overcome our societal challenges in racism, bigotry and inequality towards outcomes that motivate action. We will do our part to speak up and represent that the values of humanity are everyone’s rights and ensure our pledge to do what we can as part of the solution which is why we currently have multiple initiatives supporting African American educational, entrepreneurial and high school scholarship programs. Our executive team at Von Dutch includes individuals of all races, religions and genders.  We have a desire for progress and the knowledge that there is no place for racism or inequality in our culture or society, and we will do what we can to help influence change. This is a journey and we are committed to listening and learning from that which can advance the values and policies of our country.